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Latest Hindi Shayari Collection 2018

Hindi Shayari : After Friendship Shayari, Today We are Going to Share a Collection of Latest Hindi Shayari Collection with You. We have Included a Latest Collection of Hindi Shayari, Sad Shayari, Love Shayari, Romantic Shayari, Whatsapp Status in Hindi Here. Check Out Our Collection of Hindi Shayari.

प्यार के कच्चे धागे की इस डोर से,
इक दूजे को चल बाँध लें जोर से,
अपने अरमानों की आज बारात है,
खुबसूरत बड़ी ये मुलाकात है.


आखिर क्यों मुझे तुम इतना दर्द देते हो,
जब भी मन में आये क्यों रुला देते हो,
निगाहें बेरुखी हैं और तीखे हैं लफ्ज़,
ये कैसी मोहब्बत हैं जो तुम मुझसे करते हो।


दिल की किताब में गुलाब उनका था,
रात की नींद में ख्वाब उनका था,
कितना प्यार करते हो जब हमने पूछा,
मर जायंगे तुम्हारे बिना ये जबाब उनका था। 


एहसास के दामन में आंसू गिराकर देखो,
प्यार कितना है आजमा कर देखो,
तुम्हें भूल कर क्या होगी दिल की हालत,
किसी आईने पे पत्थर गिराकर तो देखो।


न गुलफ़ाम चाहिए, न सलाम चाहिए,
न मुबारक का कोई पैग़ाम चाहिए,
जिसको पी कर होश उड़ जायें,
लबों को ऐसा.. जाम चाहिए!


पलकों को जब-जब आपने झुकाया है,
बस एक ही ख्याल दिल में आया है,
कि जिस खुदा ने तुम्हें बनाया है,
तुम्हें धरती पर भेजकर वो कैसे जी पाया है।


फूल खिलते हैं बहारों का समा होता है,
ऐसे मौसम में ही तो प्यार जवां होता है,
दिल की बातों को होठों से नहीं कहते,
ये फ़साना तो निगाहों से बयाँ होता है।


तुम हक़ीकत नहीं हो हसरत हो,
जो मिले ख़्वाब में वही दौलत हो,
किस लिए देखती हो आईना,
तुम तो खुदा से भी ज्यादा खूबसूरत हो।


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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wishes Quotes SMS Images Shayari

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wishes Quotes SMS Images Shayari : Hello Friends ! Today We are going to Share TOP Friendship Day Wishes with You. We also have included a Premium Collection of Friendship Day Quotes, Friendship Day SMS, Friendship Day Images, Friendship Day Shayari, Friendship Day Wallpapers for You. Check Out the Collection of Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wishes Quotes SMS Images Shayari.

Happy Friendship Day 2017

Happy Friendship Day 2017 Wishes


  • Friendship Is The Purest Relation In The Universe. Happy Friendship Day.
  • Friendship Never Creates History, But It Is Awesome When You Build And Continue.
  • Two People Can'T Wish To Be Friends Long If They Can'T Manage To Forgive Each Other'S Minor Faults.
  • It Is The Privilege Of Friendship To Talk Nonsense, And Have Her Nonsense Respected. Happy Friendship Day.
  • Wish You All A Very Happy Friendship Day! I Miss You All A Lot. Thanks For Giving Me Your Love And Affection.
  • Happy Friendship Day. Thanx For Being With Me N Making This Frndshp Day Special For Me. I Hope Our Frndshp Never Ends.
  • True Friends Will Not Have Any Reason For Their Friendship. So It Can Never Be Broken When They Don'T Find That Reason.
  • Best Friends Are Hard To Find But I Already Have One. You Are The One Who Is The Reason Why I Celebrate Friendship Day.
  • I Would Like To Wish A Very Happy Friendship Day To My Best Friend. You Are Very Nice Friend And Please Always Be The Same. I Miss You.
  • Sometimes In Life We Think We Don'T Need Anyone. But Sometime We Don'T Have Anyone When We Need.. So Don'T Let Your Best Buddies Go Ever.
  • I Would Like To Wish My Best Friends Chaand, Aman And Deep. You Guys Are Very Nice And Please Don'T Forget Me. I Really Really Miss You All.
  • If U R A Chocolate Ur The Sweetest, If U R A Teddy Bear U R The Most Huggable, If U R A Star U R The Brightest, And Since U R My "Friend" U R The "Best".
  • Memory Will Be Last Forever Which Never Die Anywhere And Make Your Story Long And Everlasting Which Makes Your Friendship Rememberable. Happy Friendship Day.
  • I Am Wishing A Very Very Happy Friendship Day To All My Friends. May You All Have Long And Happy Lives. You All Are So Lucky To Have An Awesome Friend Like Me.
  • I Am Missing You So Much. I Care For You So Much And I Really Mean It. I Will Always Be There For You Whenever You Will Need Me And I Will Prove My Friendship. You Are My Best Friend Dear.
  • Missing You So Much. Always Tried To Being Your Best Friend. But Things Not Happened As I Thought. May Be We Are Far From Each Other. But I'Ll Always Be There For You & Try To Make Things As We Dreamed Of.

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Happy Friendship Day 2017 Quotes

  • I Might Give My Life For My Friend, But He Had Better Not Ask Me To Do Up A Parcel.
  • The Greatest Gift Is Not Found In A Store Nor Under A Tree, But In The Hearts Of True Friends.
  • A Best Friend Is Somebody Who Knows Every Last Thing About U, Yet Still Manages To Like U Anyway.
  • If One Day U Feel Like Crying, Call Me. I Can’T Promise To Make U Laugh, But I’M Willing To Cry With U.
  • Friendship … Is Born At The Moment When One Man Says To Another “What! You Too? I Thought That No One But Myself .
  • Anybody Can Sympathise With The Sufferings Of A Friend, But It Requires A Very Fine Nature To Sympathise With A Friend’S Success.
  • A Friend Is A Push When You Have Stopped, A Chat When U R Lonely, A Guide When U R Searching, A Smile When U R Sad, A Song When U R Glad.
  • I Keep My Friends As Misers Do Their Treasure, Because, Of All The Things Granted Us By Wisdom, None Is Greater Or Better Than Friendship.
  • Friendship Is Unnecessary, Like Philosophy, Like Art… It Has No Survival Value; Rather Is One Of Those Things That Give Value To Survival.
  • I Am Such A Great Lucky Man To Celebrate This Friendship Day With You. I Love You From Heart, Thanks To My Beautiful Wife As My Life Partner.
  • You Are My Best Friend Of All The Time. Sorry For Every Time I Hurt You. I Miss You And Can’T Wait To See You. Wishing You A Very Happy Friendship Day.
  • There Is No Spectacle On Earth More Appealing Than That Of A Beautiful Woman In The Act Of Cooking Dinner For Someone She Loves, A Very Happy Friendship Day To My Cute Wife.
  • Only One Candle Has An Ability To Light A Whole Room And Only One True Friend Can Light Up The Whole Lifetime. You Are My That True Friend And I Wish You A Very Happy Friendship Day.
  • You Are My True Love And Inspiration Which Make Me Happy Always As Well As Motivate And This Friendship I Want To Make & Feel You Special From The Heart – Have A Nice Day And Very Happy Friendship Day.
  • I Want To Be The First One To Wish You Happy Friendship Day.  You Mean A Lot To Me. Thanks For Coming In My Life And Letting Me Know What Love Actually Friendship Is. I Will Be There For You And I Will Stand By You Forever.
  • Remember The Day We First Met ? There Was Something Special That Helped Us To Get Connected. Since Then Till Date, You Are The One I Consider As My Best Buddy Whom I Can Trust Always. Wishing You The Greetings Of Friendship Day 2017.
  • I Am Short Of Words Every Time I Have To Wish Anyone. I Will Just Say Few Words But These Words Will Come Directly From My Heart.. I Want To Say That May God Blesses You With His Best And Gives You A Lot Of Success And Happiness In Life.
  • I Am So Lucky To Have A Fantastic Friend Like You. You Always Proved Your Friendship And Always Stood By Me. Thanks For Always Standing By Me And Helping Me Out. I Admire Your Friendship And I Know That I Am Never Going To Find Another Friend Like You.
  • Dear Friend.. I Just Want To Know That I Will Always Be There For You And I Will Always Help You Out, Just The Way You Sorted Out My Every Problem And Solved It. I Love You For Always Proving Your Friendship And For Caring This Much. You Deserve Nothing Less Than Best. May God Bless You And May You Stay Happy All Your Life.

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Happy Friendship Day 2017 SMS

Every Life In This World Is
Written By God’S Own Hands,
That’S Why I Am Thankful To God,
Because He Wrote My Life,
& Included You As
A Beautiful Friend Like A Angle Part Of My Life.

Teri Muskurahat Meri Pehchan Thi,
Teri Khusi Meri Shaan Thi,
Kuchh Bhee Nahii Tere Bina Meri Jindaagi Me,
Bas Itna Samaj Le,
Teri Dosti Hee Meri Jaaņ Thi.

Achha Dost Haath Aur Aankh Ki Tarah Hota Hai
Jab Haath Ko Taklif Hoti Hai To Aankh Roti Hai
Aur Jab Aankh Roti Hai To Aath Aansu Pochta Hai.

If U Need A Friend And There Are A
Hundred Steps Between Us, You Can
Take The 1St Step To Get Near Me
And I Will Take All 99 Step To Be There For You.
Happy Friendship Day!!!

Distance Never Separates Any Relation
Time Never Build Any Relation.
If Feelings Are True From Heart,
Then Friends Are Always ‘Friends’ Forever.

Many People Will Walk In And Out Of Your Life,
But Only True Friends Will Leave Footprints
In Your Heart.
Happy Friendship Day!

Flower Remembers Bees,
Fish Remembers Water,
Tree Remembers The Rain,
At This Moment I Remember You!
To Say Happy Friendship Day To U!

I Made A List Of My Dearest Person,
And I Wrote Them Down In Pencil,
I Included Ur Name But Wrote It In Permanent Ink,
Bcoz I Decided To Keep U In My List Forever.
Happy Freindship Day 2017

I Made A List Of My Dearest Person,
And I Wrote Them Down In Pencil,
I Included Ur Name But Wrote It In Permanent Ink,
Bcoz I Decided To Keep U In My List Forever.
Happy Freindship Day

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